The Library of Shiga University was opened in 1949 – the foundation year of the university. At present, the library consists of the Main Library on the Hikone Campus and the Branch Library of the Faculty of Education on the Otsu Campus. The total number of the books in their custody is 643,379. The libraries collect general and introductory materials for undergraduate students, and research materials related to the specialized fields of the academic staff and graduate students.

Those materials consist of books, periodicals, microfilms, audio-visual materials and on-line digitized sources. Among them are numbers of valuable and rare volumes. For example, the first edition of Болъшая Советская Знциклопедия  (great soviet encyclopedia) in 66 volumes (the Main Library), Saigoku Risshi Hen (the 1871 Japanese version of Samuel Smiles' Self-Help translated by Masanao Nakamura) (the Branch Library).

Both libraries are open to the university’s faculty members, administrative staff, and students. Non-members of the university can also use the libraries, when registered.

The libraries’ holdings can be searched through the on-campus computer network.


( as of April 1, 2016)


Japanese & Chinese Titles Titles in Western Languages Totals
Main Library 286,161 97,795 383,956
Branch Library 219,005 40,418 259,423
Grand Totals 505,166 138,213 643,379


Main Library 9,959
Branch Library 7,106
Books library

Online Databases and Electric Journals

All Campus CiNii
KikuzoⅡ Visual(Asahi Shimbun online database)
Yomidasu Rekishi-kan (Yomiuri Shimbun online database)
D1-Law.com:Current Legal Information
Lexis AS ONE
Nikkei BP Kiji Kensaku Service
Maruzen eBook Library
Web of Science
JapanKnowledge Lib
Cambridge University Press Journals
Oxford University Press Online
Springer Link Journals
Wiley InterScience Journals
EBSCOhost: Business Source Premier & EconLit
JSTOR (Arts & Sciences Collection I, Ⅱ, Business collection, Mathematics & Statistics Collection)
Oxford Scholarship Online eBooks (Business / Management, Economics & Finance)
Lexis Nexis Academic
Springer Link eBooks (Business & Economics, Humanities Social Sciences and Law, Behavioral Science)
House of Commons Parliamentary Papers
The Making of the Modern World (MOMW-I: The Goldsmith’-Kress Library of Economic
Literature 1450-1850, MOMW-Ⅱ: PartⅡ 1851-1914)
EBSCOhost eBook Collection
Hikone Campus Nikkei Telecom 21
Nikkei NEEDS Financial QUEST
NBER Working Papers Online
Science Direct (SD): Complete collection & Subject collection (Economics)
Science Direct eBooks (Finance, Handbooks in Economics Series)
CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure)


Main Library

Köln University Seminars in Commercial Science Series 204 items
Болъшая Советская Знциклопедия
(Great Soviet Encyclopedia) First Edition, 1926-1948
65 volumes & supplement
Schmollers Jahrbuch für Gesetsgebung, Verwaltung und
Volkswirtschaft, 1 (1877)-107 (1987)
107 volumes
Publications of The National Industrial Conference Board (USA) 19 items (735 volumes)

Branch Library

Hikone-han Kodokan Kyuzosho (The books formerly kept by the school of Lord Ii of Hikone) Chinese classics 580 titles (16,000 volumes)
Japanese books 870 titles (9,000 volumes)
Collection of Japanese school textbooks (Meiji-Showa) 8,500 volumes
American Culture Series 1493-1875 (5,586 titles on 556 reels of 35mm microfilm)
The Gerritsen Collection of Women's History,1543-1945 (4,736 titles on 17,556 microfiches and 244 reels of 35mm microfilm)